Why Beam Break?

Why Beam Break?

 We developed Beam Break Protection after some friends of ours were boarded and robbed at gunpoint in Panama last year.  They did not have our Pirate Light system at the time, but would have had it turned off anyway as they had just returned to their boat and were in the shower when boarded.

It is a scarry story, and one that started us thinking about security alternatives. 

The idea behind Beam Breaks is to have a secondary system that is always on (unless you are underway or having a social event) and thereby protecting You especially when you are on board.

 "We feel that Beam Breaks across boarding areas and hatches are a splendid way to help protect our friends”.

The most effective security deterrents are loud noises and lights AND the sooner the intruder triggers the alarm the more likely they are to leave. 

With this in mind we ecommend entry beam breaks across your sugar scoops where the intruders would have first contact and also the best escape opportunit (lowest commitment on their part).

Theory of Operation 

Your Beam Break sensors are a separate security system within your Pirate Lights V-2.  They are intended to be used as additional security protection in conjunction with the standard motion detection AND to remain on after you reboard and turn off the motion sensor(s) via the Security FOB or Switch.

The idea behind utilizing the beam break is the same premise of stepping over your garage door safety sensor when you are shutting the garage door and leaving you house without using the remote.

-You know where the sensor is and you step over it-

The same idea applies on your boat, the beam breaks are place on the transom/sugar scoops (and optionally under the hatches), you step over them because you know where they are, but any would be intruder triggers the alarm.

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