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Pirate lights

The Beam Break Unit

The Beam Break Unit

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Pirate Lights V2 features:

  • SMD Circuit Board Design
  • Audio and Visual “Chirp” when arming & dis-arming
  • Dedicated White Light for alarming & boarding Lights
  • Strobing Blind Light to blind & stun “would be” intruders
  • Intergraded App Controlled Red-Green-Blue Light Controller that pulses, flashes, fades, changes colors & dances to the music!!

What’s included in V-2 The Beam Break Unit:

  • The Command Unit
  • *Beam Breaks
    • Catamarans - 2 sets of “reflector” style for Sugar Scoops, ranging 8’, OR 2 sets of “through-beam” style, ranging 30', if there is space for wiring
    • Monohulls - 1 set of “through-beam” style, ranging 30’ OR 1 set of “reflector” style, ranging 8', if there is not enough space for wiring
  • Remote FOB
  • Strobing Blind Light
  • Siren, “Basic” PIR Sensor
  • Control Switch Panel with a voltage readout and 2 USB charging ports
  • RGB & Flood Light(s) - V-2 System includes (1) 20" light for Monohulls, and (2) 12" Lights for Catamarans for Port & Starboard
*Note: We recommend the “Through Beam” vs the “Reflector” style Beam Breaks - they are more impervious to interference (i.e. heavy rain), have a better range, and don’t advertise themselves with the reflector. The downside is that you need access to both sides of the mounting area for wiring AND you need to drill two holes instead of one.

RGB Flood Light with App Controlled Mood Lighting offers a variety of advanced features to create the perfect ambiance. RGBW LED light bar kit includes a waterproof plug-and-play connector, and wireless light control via mobile phone App. Enjoy the ease and convenience of creating unique mood lighting in a few simple steps.


  • RGBW LED light bar
  • Millions of color options and brightness customization
  • Music sync mode: light follows the rhythm of your favorite music
  • Powder-coated cast aluminum housing
  • Shatter resistant PC lens
  • Standard cool white light mode
  • Customized RGB light modes via phone App (Android 4.3 & iOS 9.0 and Above)
  • Easy plug and play install and wire management

Specifications (12" RGB & Flood Light): 

  • 80 Watts (2 Watt x 40 white LEDs per light bar) power maximum
  • Cool white light flood beam pattern
  • 40 RGB LEDs per light bar
  • Fits for 12-15 voltage vehicles
  • Waterproof design

Specifications (20" RGB & Flood Light): 

  • 140 Watts (2 Watt x 70 white LEDs) power maximum
  • Cool white light flood beam pattern
  • 70 RGB LEDs per light bar
  • Fits for 12-15 voltage vehicles
  • Waterproof design
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