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Pirate lights



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FIND MY BOAT helps to:

  • REMOTELY turn on/off your spreader lights from up to 3 MILES away
  • LOCATE your boat in crowed anchorage or inclement weather before you head out across the water
  • CREATE a safe and brightly illuminated boarding experience upon return to your vessel
  • Visually TRIANGULATE for anchor drag while you are on shore preventing groundings, collisions, or loss of watercraft
  • PROTECT property against burglar
  • It adds the spreader lights to your Pirate Lights Alarm Function
  • Use anytime you would like to illuminate your boat while you are away with a touch of a button!

“Find My Boat” is a stand-alone unit designed to integrate with Pirate’s Lights Original AND upcoming V-2 System components.

  • Simple three wire installation (four wires – when attaching to Pirate Lights Security Systems)
  • Labeled Wiring for easy installation
  • 30 Amp Load Rated
  • Built to IP65 Waterproof rating
  • 4’ of marine grade, 14ga. Cable & Additional 4ft. Alarm Lead for easy mounting
  • 9v. Long Range Remote up to 3 mile range with Antenna with 10ft. Antenna Cable
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